Wesley's Theory
Hey look. It’s Wesley Snipes in the form of a piggybank. This was inspired by Kendrick Lamar’s “Wesley’s Theory.” The track is an extended metaphor describing how successful black artists are “pimped” by the entertainment industry and how they're left for broke by the age of 35. This was created for an art party held each year by the one and only Sosia Bert. 
The Deprofiler

This site is in response to a bill passed in Arizona. The law enables 
Arizona's police officers to unjustly profile Latinos who are living or traveling in the state. The Deprofiler simply provides them with tools to blend in.

Co-Created with Ivan Cash and Dan Maxwell

The Huffington Post "Arizona's immigration laws have opened the door for some great satire."
Creativity "Take that, Arizona."
Daily KOS "Hysterical as it is, it’s more than just laughs."
Mediaite "Congratulations Team Deprofiler, you made us laugh."

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