In 2014, the V&A Museum in London commissioned us to create a stamp for their Disobedient Objects exhibit, and Occupy Liz was born.
Co-Created with Ivan Cash

2012 YBCA, Occupy Bay Area Exhibition, San Francisco, CA
2012 Cause and Effect, Visualizing Sustainability, by Gestalten

TIME "Occupy George Gives the Dollar Bill a Protest-Friendly Look"
Gizmodo "Here's one way to get the 1% to pay even more attention: taint their money"
Fast Company "Consider George Occupied"
Juxtapoz "With the election of President Obama we saw Shepard Fairey, in the 1960's we saw Emory Douglas, today we have Occupy George."
Business Insider "You can join the Occupy Movement"
The Guardian "Occupy protests around the world
The New York Times "Defaced Currency"
BBC "Disobedient objects' chart history of protest at V&A"
Dwell "Literally stamping the medium with the message"

2014 Inducted into Permanent Collection of V&A Museum, London
2013 Webby Honoree
2012 Ars Electronica Interactive Art, Honorable Mention
2012 Art Directors Club, Silver Cube
2012 One Show, Finalist


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